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Simplicity in finance

At SNS Bank, the customers determine how, where and when they take care of their financial affairs. Online, over the telephone, with a financial advisor at home or in an SNS Shop. SNS Bank stands for simplicity in finance. As accessible as possible, so that customers know where they stand financially.

Facts & Figure

Interest on the current account, naturally


SNS Banks is the first of the large Dutch banks to offer interest on a current account.

Experts in finance since 1817

The first Dutch savings bank was founded in 1817. The current SNS Bank stems from this bank and can thus boast nearly 200 years of experience. Even though times have changed, one objective has not changed: helping customers take care of their own finances.


New services for existing and new customers

Dick Okhuijsen, member of the Executive Board of SNS REAAL

Dick Okhuijsen, member of the Executive Board of SNS REAAL: “We are working hard to expand our services and the number of new customers is growing fast. One such example is the recently reintroduced well-known youth savings account (from birth up to the age of 18) called Zilvervloot, which was very popular in the Netherlands between 1958 and 1992.”

More than 200 SNS Shops

If customers need personal advice and information, or help with online banking, they are welcome at more than 200 SNS Shops.


Contact information

Chairman of the board

Dick Okhuijsen

Main office


Customer service

+31 (0)30 - 633 30 00


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